Saturday, September 5, 2009


I’ve been fortunate to work with a great coach the past several years through Carmichael Training Systems. My coach, Max, has helped me train for a number of events including an iron distance triathlon (didn’t finish, but not Max’s fault!). Max is a great, level-headed guy who does everything to help me achieve my goals, while realizing we’ve all got to keep a balanced life. We’ve been through some up’s and down’s both, personally and in athletic endeavors. He’s always maintained a very positive attitude and was excited when I told him about the plans for the MAC Ride. I’m confident the plan Max laid out has prepared me to complete these upcoming long 6 days of riding.
We’ve been very lucky to work with some very dedicated and talented “coaches” in our family’s battle with CAS as well. Jill, Christina, Mark, Julie, Carol, Mandy, Becky, Marilyn, Casey, Dave, Cindy, Brittany, and many others have helped our son and our family meet and overcome many challenges. We know that they and others with their same dedication will be there in the future for us and other families facing CAS.
However, even dedicated coaches will only be effective if they receive the right training themselves. One of the most important services that CASANA performs is the education of therapists (aka coaches) in the best techniques and latest advances in the treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
Thanks to all the coaches in our lives who lay out a plan, help us stick to the training, and allow us to achieve things we weren’t sure were possible.

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