Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 3

We started day 3 a little late due to some rainy and foggy weather around the historic town of Nauvoo, IL. We had some fantastic views of the river as we headed south. Thankfully the winds of yesterday died down, and we were able to make good time today.
As we passed through the small river towns, we noted some great old buildings in every one of them. The sad thing, like a lot of rural America, far too many of them were empty. In each town, it was clear that no one was giving up. People were opening up new businesses and keeping their communities going.
We pulled into Quincy, IL about 11:30 AM and enjoyed a little time in a real chair at lunch. Found a place with another great view of the river.
We hit the road again and enjoyed favorable winds for another 51 miles, finishing at Pleasant Hill just before 5:00 PM. Tonight we are staying in Louisiana, MO. Big plug for the River’s Edge Motel……the Manager washed our cycling gear for us!
MAC Team Member Paul Milligan had to leave us due to work commitments tonight. He will be missed. Today Paul lead our group through some tough areas at a very good pace.
Throughout these days, we’ve tried to use every opportunity we’ve been given to speak briefly about CAS to the people we meet. Usually just a group of a few people, but an opportunity still.
Tomorrow we head into the St. Louis area. The ride will have a mix of everything, countryside, small river towns, and large urban areas.

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